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St. George Marathon

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Idaho Falls,ID,USA

Member Since:

Apr 21, 2007



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

2007 St. George Marathon 2:32:06 (marathon PR)

2014 St. George Marathon 2:32:45 (close to old PR...7 years later!)

2014 Boston Marathon, 2:39:00, 298th OA, 8th AG, 1st Idahoan

2013 Lake Lowell Marathon, 2:48:34 (Course Record), 1st Overall (#6)

2012 Boston Marathon, 2:43:26 (HOT!!), 114th OA, 9th Master OA, 1st Idahoan

2010 B&A Trail Marathon (MD), 2:40:18, 1st Overall (#3), Master's Course Record (still!)

2010 Mesa Falls Marathon, 2:48:55, 1st Overall (#4)

2009 Pocatello Marathon, 2:37:22, 1st Overall (#2)

2011 The M.A.D. Marathon, 2:55:14, 1st OA (training run) (#5)

2006 Teton Dam Marathon, 2:50:48 1st Overall (#1)

2015 Hood to Coast Relay (195 miles), 1st Masters Team (6th OA), 19:59:57, 6:03 avg pace for the team

2008 Ragner Relay Del Sol (182 mile relay) 1st place team 17:04:37, 5:38 pace avg for the team

50,000 lifetime miles from spring 2000 to October 2019.

Logged (on computer) 24,901 miles (circumference of the earth) in 2,889 days (11/29/12)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Keep on running, enjoy it for the sake of running, relax and enjoy

No racing, retired.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep running until this old body says no, running for fun.


Born in 1968.  I live in Idaho Falls, ID.  I started running competitively in 2005 and ran my first marathon in 2005. Now retired from competitive racing.

Married for 26 years with two children (20 and 17).

Bend down, O Lord, and hear my prayer;
answer me, for I need your help.
Protect me, for I am devoted to you.
Save me, for I serve you and trust you.
You are my God.
Be merciful to me, O Lord,
for I am calling on you constantly.
Give me happiness, O Lord,
for I give myself to you.
O Lord, you are so good, so ready to forgive,
so full of unfailing love for all who ask for your help.
Listen closely to my prayer, O Lord;
hear my urgent cry.
I will call to you whenever I’m in trouble,
and you will answer me.  - Psalm 86:1-7

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 23.00 Month: 23.00 Year: 2763.07
Runs With Moxie Lifetime Miles: 9076.91
Vibram Five Finger Bikila Lifetime Miles: 132.80
Saucony Xodus 2011 Lifetime Miles: 666.86
Altra Impulse Lifetime Miles: 1003.19
Saucony Guide 8 Blue 2017 Lifetime Miles: 1124.76
Supernova Glide Green 2018 Lifetime Miles: 1200.07
Saucony Fastwitch White 2019 Lifetime Miles: 301.83
Saucony Guide Yellow 2019 Lifetime Miles: 342.50
Race: St. George Marathon (26.22 Miles) 02:32:45, Place overall: 17, Place in age division: 2
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

So close yet so is the story! 2:32:45 so about 30 seconds slower than my 7 year old PR and did not make my 2:30 target but I am very happy with the race.  1:18:06 first half (too slow, targeting 1:16-1:17), 1:14:39 second half.

Thankful that God gave me the strength to have a really good marathon year and especially at this race!  Phillipians 4:13 "For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength".

Got up around 3:15 and we head out the park around 4:30am.  I had coffee, pop tarts, banana and Immodium (it works!) before leaving.  Alana, Curt, Gama and I headed out and Kami was going to the bring the kids to the finish line.

We got the rec center and used the facilities then ran into the FRB gang (great to see everyone again!).  We waited for Craig and his sister and her friend and didn't see them so we headed to the buses and found them in line.  Rode up the start and then hit the PoPs.  Cool and a tail wind in Central...nice!  Warmed up a bit then dropped off bags and had to wait an additional 20 minutes to wait for the late buses...brr!  Lined up with Craig, FRB guys and other fast runners! Craig and I said a prayer and got ready to roll.

1 - 5:44  Took off easy and was running comfortably with several others.

2 - 5:58 Saw Justin and Trevor, Matt as they took off.

3 - 5:47  Still running well and controlled.  I was running with a guy named Jake who first ran SGM 20 years ago when he was 12!

4 - 5:40  Nice and contolled and trading places back and forth with a few guys.

5 - 5:47 Jason Howe passes me and we chat.  Still running easy and controlled in the nice weather.

6 - 5:36  Heading down the hill towards Vejo and just crusing.

7 - 5:32 I grab my first bottle and PowerBar Gel (the volunteers were awesome with the bottles everytime during the race and so supportive).  A little boost before the hill.  Jason stops to walk at the water station and I never see him again.  I see Reed Seamons just ahead as we hit the hill and run together for a bit before he falls back.  Another guy in white (John G) passes me and we will trade places back and forth for the rest of the race.

8 - 6:40 Patient up the hill trying not to push too hard and fry my legs.

9 - 6:16 Still running easy to conserve something for the downhills to come.

10 - 6:18 Man, the hills are getting old!

11 - 6:30  Grab my second bottle and PowerBar Gel and here some foot steps behind me, expecting it to be Jason.  It is Martin who is running well.  Puts some fear into me to push more the next mile.

12 - 6:00  Starting to run better and seeing the guy in white coming back to me.  Dropping Martin a bit and getting ready to pick it up.

13 - 5:43  A better mile and separating from Martin.  Ready to go for it and get the guy in white.  John G. is about a minute up on me at this point.

14 - 5:46  Starting down the hills ready to roll.  Legs feeling good.  I hit the half at 1:18:08 so I am about 1 1/2 minutes off my target and know the sub-2:30 is in real jeopardy but will try to go hard!

15 - 5:19  A nice mile and catch John G.  See another runner coming back!  Grab another bottle and PowerBar Gel.

16 - 5:22  Still rolling and catching the runner, the winner from the Ibigawa marathon last year.  Good crowd support through here and it is beautiful scenery.

17 - 5:35  Rolling down the hill and separating from the other runners.  Starting to get warm and dumping water over my head regularly.

18 - 5:39  Still pacing well but John G. is moving back up on me.  Still being patient.

19 - 6:07 John G. catches and passes but does not get away.  Grab another bottle and PowerBar Gel.

20 - 5:47  Roll pass John G. again and keep pushing.

21 - 5:27  Ok, nice fast mile on the dowhill.  Really pulling away from John G. now.

22 - 5:49  Dang, where did that hill come from!  I just hope John is not moving up on me.  A guy yells to me to "Go get him", get who? I can't see anyone in front of me.

23 - 5:36  Another strong mile as I roll onto Bluff St.  I now know that 2:30 is gone, but I am hoping to stay on PR pace.

24 - 5:38  Last fast mile coming into town and trying to stay strong.  Legs are starting to feel it.

25 - 5:50 I make the turn off Bluff and the wheels start to fall off.  Pushing with what I have left, afraid that I was going to get passed.  I know that I am in 3rd master and 17th and want to stay strong.  After the turn at the 24 mile mark, I look forward to see where we make a right and think "I have to run all that way?"

26 - 5:52 I make a wrong turn on 300 S looking for 400 S (mind not working so good here) and lose about 10 seconds as the spectators yell at me and get me back on course.

0.2 - 1:24  Death march.  Breathing so loud I am scaring small children and my legs feel like they are going to buckle (since they are jelly!) and I am willing myself forward to the finish line.  Trying desperately to push to make sure I keep ahead of the fast runners coming hard behind me.

Overall a really good race for me.  It was awesome to see most my friends do so well.  Craig, Curt, Alana, Alisa, Gama, Ron, Dave, Clyde, Ben, Justin, Martin, and too many more to try to name.  Several folks went for it and came up short but showed character in their efforts.

Had a good time at the finish line getting a massage and saying hi to friends and other racers.  Thanks to my family for sticking around (while desperately wanting to get back to the pool).

Afterwards relaxed by the pool then went to Craig's 40th birthday party and his house and the familes all had a great time together (kids had so much fun!).  Hit the sack early for the early departure and long drive back to IF on Sunday.

2007 actuals 2014 actuals

Diff  (14 v 07)

6:00 5:44 -0:16
6:05 5:58 -0:07
5:42 5:47 0:05
5:37 5:40 0:03
5:47 5:47 0:00
5:32 5:36 0:04
5:29 5:32 0:03
6:35 6:40 0:05
6:20 6:16 -0:04
6:16 6:18 0:02
6:33 6:30 -0:03
6:10 6:00 -0:10
5:51 5:43 -0:08
5:47 5:46 -0:01
5:27 5:19 -0:08
5:14 5:22 0:08
5:30 5:35 0:05
5:31 5:39 0:08
5:56 6:07 0:11
5:42 5:47 0:05
5:21 5:27 0:06
5:51 5:49 -0:02
5:31 5:36 0:05
5:27 5:38 0:11
5:44 5:50 0:06
5:54 5:52 -0:02
1:17 1:24 0:07


Saucony Tangent 4 2014 Miles: 26.22
From SpencerSimpson on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 14:06:06 from

Super cool report Jeff. What a fantastic raving year you've had. I'm very impressed. Always great to see you do well. Hope to see you out there soon. Nice work today. MIH

From JamesH on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 14:47:59 from

Another great race Jeff! Congrats.

From Steve on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 15:17:16 from

Very close to your plan. Great race! You would have got that PR if it wasn't for that last turn...

From Jason D on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 16:06:35 from

It was good to see this among list of result yesterday, Jeff. May you never slow down! Congratulations.

From Bob on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 20:11:38 from

Fantastic! Amazing how you remember details during each mile as well.

From Logan Fielding on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 20:16:39 from


It was great to see you again. We really do need to stay in touch more. It will be fun seeing the progression your son makes with running over the next 4 years. Great race from you today!

From Trevor Baker on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 20:31:00 from

Great race today.. I kept hoping you would come up on my shoulder cuz I knew you were shooting for that 2:30 mark. Great job today and look forward to young the line with you again.

From JohnR on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 21:18:07 from

Big congratulations to the fastest masters runner in Idaho. 2:32 marathon is amazing. Your dedication and consistency to the sport really pays off.

From Steve Hooper on Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 23:38:56 from

Great Job Jeff! It was great seeing you and chatting a bit. You are one amazing runner and person - you deserve all the best.

From Bret on Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 05:56:41 from

Congratulations Jeff - such a great effort - and so very close to a PR after so many years. Very impressive.

From mikenelson on Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 06:17:08 from

It was good to finally meet you, Jeff. Nice race! Keep up the great work.

From KristenRuns on Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 06:17:55 from

Amazing! What a roller coaster! Great job, and always impressive! :)

From JimF on Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 07:29:19 from

Awesome race and great time! Getting that close to your PR after 7 years is very impressive. You continue to keep running great which is a testament to your consistent training.

From Josh E on Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 10:27:25 from

That's a great time Jeff! So close to your PR so many years later. You paced it perfectly and gave your last gasp to get to the line. That's what we all strive for.

From Jon on Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 12:45:32 from

Great time for 7 years after your PR.

From Matt Poulsen on Wed, Oct 08, 2014 at 21:42:59 from

Excellent race, Jeff! Very impressive. You are a class-act as always. Great chatting with you.

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